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California's cleanest air and largest natural freshwater lake (68 square miles of surface area) combine with
abundant outdoor recreation and year-round attractions for the ideal family and getaway destination in the
wine country. The largest natural lake in California, Clear Lake is also the oldest (Lakes have existed at the
site of Clear Lake for at least 2,000,000 years, possibly making it the oldest lake in North America). Where
other lakes in Northern California have gradually filled with sediment and become prairies, Clear Lake is
constantly renewed by the continuing tilting of the lake bed northward, the result of the ongoing collision of
tectonic plates. The geothermal hot springs in the lake may be the cause of Clear Lake's claim to having
more fish per acre than any other lake in the country.

Cities around Clear Lake include Lakeport, Kelseyville, Clearlake, Nice and Lucerne. Elevation is 1,343
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Indian Valley Reservoir
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